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ITG delivers uncompromising performance in the field of Computer Support Services and IT Service Management. Our help desk is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Since 1984, we have designed, tested, and delivered over $300 million in information technology systems at over 1,230 locations in 30 countries around the world. We measure our success on the caliber of our clients and the enduring relationships we maintain.

IT Service Management with CENTRE

The ITG help desk facility, offering worldwide on-site support capability, responds to customer calls as "National Support Center", operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and processes toll free calls via US 1-800-835-7823 and International 1-800-900-20060 numbers.

One 1-800 number, one invoice, one contractor.

Our National Support Center provides a service delivery solution that starts from a philosophy of problem prevention and ends with extremely high customer satisfaction from our skilled Service Desk and global computer support service engineers.

State-of-the-Art Service Desk. Our solution centers on an ITIL certified Service Desk model that provides rapid response and ITIL-certified processes addressing service requests wherever their geographic location may be. Our skilled computer support engineers will quickly and effectively resolve incidents using sophisticated tools and technology to get users up and running fast. When desk-side computer support is needed, we select the nearest of our more than 1,230 locations worldwide to dispatch a qualified support engineer, armed with everything needed - tools, software, equipment configuration, and asset information - to make the repair rapidly and efficiently.

Proactive Approach. Besides resolving customer incidents, our solution includes proactive problem detection using our innovative system management tools to identify potential failures before they are even detectable by our users. Preventing an incident is even better than resolving it promptly.

Customer "First" Attitude. We make it easy to engage with ITG. When customers sign up with us, we implement a hassle-free, comprehensive start-up plan-Quick-Start-that gets the customer equipment or software in an on-line CMDB immediately. Our Help Desk is answered by "Real Human Beings" in Falls Church, Virginia. From a complete site survey to a configuration analysis to personalized service from our Computer Support Consultants, we make the benefits of ITG's service excellence immediate. As applicable, we follow through with frequent visits, "white glove" treatment, and continual building of relationships with our users.

best practices imageITG stands apart as the company that holds ISO 9001, CMMI-SVC and CMMI-DEV at Maturity Level 3, and ISO 20000-1 and ISO 27001 certifications. We were one of the first five companies in the United States to receive the ISO 20000 certification, the standard that is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and one of the only ones to meet all four quality standards.

ISO CMMI certifications The practical, positive results of applying Best Practices are felt throughout an organization both internally and externally, whether providing services or receiving services. When providing computer support services, resources are aware of their responsibilities, enabling them to perform at optimum efficiency. As a service recipient, Best Practices means expectations are met and quality is consistent.

CENTRE makes our computer support services approach possible. CENTRE’s special capabilities make contract activities visible and make people accountable for their actions. CENTRE is an inclusive web-based set of integrated tools that uses cutting-edge technology, specifically designed by ITG to support IT services. CENTRE has leading Best Practices integrated in the software, employing workflow processes that enforce Best Practices in the operational model, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, CMMI Level 3, and ITIL. CENTRE is ITIL compliant and certified for six V3 and four V2 process areas.

ITIL Major Incident Management ScreenshotCENTRE is a fully-functional service desk management tool, but it is really much more. Using a web interface, users see the status of submitted service records starting moments after the call and can track them until resolved. Management is provided with comprehensive reports for insight into project performance.

Consistent Service nationwide ITG’s strength is our ability to deliver consistent high-quality computer support service world wide through our talented force of service engineers. We offer consistent quality of service, courteous and professionally-dressed specialists with uniform training, skills, and commitment nationwide. Our local-ownership business model brings dollars back to the community for our more than 600 subcontractor companies in over 1,230 locations. No matter where our customers are, they receive top-notch service.

Computer service coverage map

Please contact us for any computer support you may need:

Integration Technologies Group, Inc.
2745 Hartland Road
Falls Church, VA 22043
Telephone: 703-698-8282
FAX: 703-698-0305
For toll-free info

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